Our company provides a wide range of services to our customers

Our company services include:

Audio Recording – Live event recording, live concert recording, multitrack recording (both on location and in our studio)

Clinics and workshops

Educational services – microphone technique, live sound technique, monitor systems, recording basics for music educators

Sound system designs and sales

Sound consulting

Video Recording – High quality video recording whether one camera or multiple cameras.  We will edit live at your event, or do an in-studio edit on your project.

We are happy to work with your designs for a professional product.  We also have an in-house design artist who will work with you to provide a product that meets your expectations.

Max Screen Clean Display Cleaning Kit

Removes Dust, Dirt & Fingerprints from Displays for a Clearer, Brighter Picture!
Blow Off Duster

Blow Off Contact Cleaner

Get Off Cleaning Wipes

Contact our Sales team to receive more details or to purchase.

Of course, our specialty is determining your sound system needs and finding the right mixer, microphone, amplifier, or other equipment that is right for you.