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CSS is proud to announce its recording of

2014 Iowa All State Jazz Choir

has been awarded the
Downbeat Award for Honors Ensemble Winner

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5 of the 8 selected choirs from Iowa that were invited to the NC ICDA Convention are choirs recorded by CSS!  Are you planning a convention audition?  Let the engineers at CSS help you through that process! We will gladly record your concerts and prepare a CD or mp3 file for you to submit!

Quotes from Customers

 "Today, I received my CD of "I Carry Your Heart," the compilation of choral music you produced for the Mason City High School vocal music department/parents/students. 
Let me say, Bravo.  I am thoroughly impressed with the sound quality.  Also, the pictures chosen for the album cover and inside cover from the Concert Choir's performance at Carnegie Hall are also appreciated. Having followed our daughter through her four years in MCHS vocal music and then the performance in NYC, let me say this CD is a fitting tribute to a wonderful music program.  Thank you.

THANK YOU!  Let CSS work with you to produce a product you will be impressed with as well.  We pride ourselves on our SERVICE. We will work with you from start to finish to produce a product that you will be proud of.

CSS is proud to offer a 3-CD set of music and reflections by Iowa choral director, Allen Chapman. The music from recording sessions, concerts, contests, and convention performances cover his remarkable forty year career. 

Comments from noted educators and conductors:
"Loved the repetoire, loved the tone, loved the expressive singing, loved the attention to detail (diction, releases, dynamic contrast)......I plan to play examples from your CD for my conducting class, so these music ed. kids know how great ahigh school choir can be."
        -Dr. Edith Copley,Director of Choral Studies, Northern                                                                Arizona University

"...I want my students to know what IS possible with a high school choral program.  I am teaching choral literature this semester, and your CDs will now become a part of it.  The singing, repertoire, your thoughts and memories--all great to own.  Thank you."
                                                                                               -Dr. James Rodde,
                                                                               Director of Choral Activities, Iowa State University
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We would also like to call your attention to a reference book entitled "In the Middle With You", a guide to teaching middle level choral music, by Sandra Chapman.
"Without a doubt, one of the most successful teachers of singing for this aged singer.  Not only were her student-singers well prepared for concerts and events, Sandra was one of the most effective recruiters of intelligent singers and also student leaders.  Sandra's wit was like catnip to young students.  Smart and clever students were always gravitating toward her.  I know I learned a lot from her as I was in my first years in the choral classroom teaching the same age group.  Every great pedagogue should put their wisdom down on the page and share it with the next generation.  Sandra Chapman is no exception." Dr.Peter A. Eklund, Director of Choral Activities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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